Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Get ready for the umbrage of the OMMBLOG. Your two favorite part-time models have started a separate site from the OMM label to finally concatenate all the stuff they've been kicking around. Whether it's bands, interviews, academic articles, photos, or just essays on how fucking ridiculous the Vatican is, it's all here. Give it a look every now and then, should get updated with decent frequency because Nick sends Chad more links than he can keep track of.


nodolby (OUTTA PRINT)

Equal parts road trip, science fiction, and alternate reality, nodolby makes any listener wish silent movies were still around to be scored. Rhythm remains among the disparate sounds, keeping a narrative together that’s worlds apart from anywhere else. It suggests boxy cars, unfinished metals, and constant movement toward a force that is as foreboding as it is omnipresent. How can you move toward that which is already present within you? Just ask Max Renn.

Just over 20 minutes, edition of 48.

Knit Prism (OUTTA PRINT)

When the wind turns the cupola on my father’s dust farm, I hear the sounds of animals long since butchered. What feeds you? What do you use for stairs? There is little room for compassion on the road to success. Hard work requires sacrifice though it’s not always of one’s self. If you were to list your accomplishments, would you be honest? Knit Prism’s latest work questions the going rate of time and progress. The iron-caged bird sings.

33 minutes or so, edition of 48. Drawings by Tevia Romaine