Friday, February 10, 2012

dense reduction (OUTTA PRINT)

A marble in a cold bowl gets an MRI while hospital shelves are restocked in the background. No word from the other facilities. The broken power lines have been rerouted through the PA system so that should a message come through, just in case, we'll all hear it. People listened for awhile but not so much anymore. Two sides of gurney-wheeling in less than sterile environments. Get help where you can. This duo presents real elegance to the noise world with their presentation, keeping it focused and direct in open air. They reanimate the dead while giving voice to the inanimate.

Edition of 40.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Get ready for the umbrage of the OMMBLOG. Your two favorite part-time models have started a separate site from the OMM label to finally concatenate all the stuff they've been kicking around. Whether it's bands, interviews, academic articles, photos, or just essays on how fucking ridiculous the Vatican is, it's all here. Give it a look every now and then, should get updated with decent frequency because Nick sends Chad more links than he can keep track of.


nodolby (OUTTA PRINT)

Equal parts road trip, science fiction, and alternate reality, nodolby makes any listener wish silent movies were still around to be scored. Rhythm remains among the disparate sounds, keeping a narrative together that’s worlds apart from anywhere else. It suggests boxy cars, unfinished metals, and constant movement toward a force that is as foreboding as it is omnipresent. How can you move toward that which is already present within you? Just ask Max Renn.

Just over 20 minutes, edition of 48.

Knit Prism (OUTTA PRINT)

When the wind turns the cupola on my father’s dust farm, I hear the sounds of animals long since butchered. What feeds you? What do you use for stairs? There is little room for compassion on the road to success. Hard work requires sacrifice though it’s not always of one’s self. If you were to list your accomplishments, would you be honest? Knit Prism’s latest work questions the going rate of time and progress. The iron-caged bird sings.

33 minutes or so, edition of 48. Drawings by Tevia Romaine

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

( ) - non serviam - (OUTTA PRINT)

How it is that David Vassalotti can make such amazingly cohesive yet ridiculously bipolar tracks I have yet to understand, but here's another lesson I can study. Five tracks, including a Leonard Cohen cover, that range from thrashing like a shark to drunken ballad to repentance. I found feelings I didn't know I had. This tape induces mood swings and I urge you to go with them.

97 copies, pro imprinted and duplicated. Artwork by ( ).

Spare Death Icon - Highlander Seahorse (OUTTA PRINT)

Like watching a rapid series of experiments take place, this album comes right from the lab. There are strange machines tuned to underground algorithms, the search is underway and the readings are off the charts. The space of this tape is decidedly closed in, dense and dank, but an occasional flashlight beam cuts through the winding tunnels. At first I thought he was looking for something sinister, but eventually began to realize he was looking for me.

UPDATE: foxy digitalis is "loving" this tape! See the full review here.

45 copies. Artwork by Spare Death Icon.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Black Eagle Child - Black Lodge White Lodge (OUTTA PRINT)

Although entropy is my favorite physical concept, propulsion is a close second. It's not so much the lack of gravity that attracts me to space--it's the lack of friction. The closest approximation would be in the doldrums, the land underneath where all the air currents meet. There it's completely calm on the ground while above you is the collision of every breeze, gust, and torrent in the world.

UPDATE: BEC receives a 9/10 from foxy digitalis!

Art by Sir Salamander; 48 copies.


Split: (a) Excavacations / (b) Nick Stone & Clovis Heald (OUTTA PRINT)

I've never been in a long distance relationship, but this might be close enough. Resonance from either side of this tape might be responsible for blurring Hubble photographs in the future. There is a sort of pursuit in this split, echolocation, steadiness. Buy two copies in case one evaporates.

Art by Jeremy Burg; 63 copies


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sky Limousine - A Place to Live in Dreams (OUTTA PRINT)

Toothpaste doesn't naturally foam, nor do most household cleaners. Market research, however, discovered that people wanted it to foam, that was the measure being used on how good of a job it did. So they added a foaming detergent to their products and put them on the shelves. Luckily for us, we're smarter than that. It is now believed that it's just a matter of immersing the object in saline and playing the right music. That's how you stay clean.

Sky Limousine "A Place To Live In Dreams" c22 - 23 white tapes with printed labels, in full color printed box. Photo by Tevia Romaine.

Tricorn & Queue - Perennial Language (OUTTA PRINT)

Tricorn & Queue have always reminded me of the beginning, of first rays and mitosis. I could hear the notes move, crawl, and multiply, albums made through the process of cell division. This one is different, a lesson from the master in the moments just before creation. There's focus and thought, maybe an attempt at rest, a last bit of respite before the work begins.

Tricorn & Queue "Perennial Language" c42 - 100 white tapes with printed labels, in full color printed box. Art by Jason Rubino/Sir Salamander.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Minerals - The VOOH (OUT OF PRINT)

When you eventually take this tape out of your player, and that time could be quite far off, don't be surprised if other things come out, too. Sand, jewels, birds, or maybe a suitcase. The tape keeps playing whether or not you keep breathing.

Super Minerals is William Giacchi and Phil French. John Frank played on Sea. Tape Master by Bobb Bruno.

110 clear tapes with white imprinting. In 4x6 re-sealable baggies,with oversized full color covers, and inside spread has hand-stamped design in red ink. Art by Nicholas Longworth, photo taken in Big Sur.

Sean McCann - Jasmine (OUTTA PRINT)

Scientists recently figured out that the Northern Lights are the explosive result of an electromagnetic tug of war between the Earth and its moon. A cosmic battle of polar opposites in stereo? Sounds like it'd make a great tape…

98 clear tapes with white imprinting. In 4x6 re-sealable baggies, with oversized full color covers. Most feature full-color printed inside spread, about 20 feature hand cut and glued orange vellum "sunspots" designs. Composite of photos from summer roadtrips through the SouthWest by Nicholas Longworth and Tevia Romaine.

Clovis Heald - Wading for Motorcycles (OUTTA PRINT)

We're very excited to announce a limited hand-numbered run (100) of cassette tapes (!!!) from CLOVIS HEALD, featuring art by CLOVIS HEALD himself. In his own words, "I recorded these 6 songs over the course of 2006 mostly on a Rhodes piano with the help of such people as The Bomarr Monk, Odd Nosdam, and Josiah Wolf of Why?."