Wednesday, September 2, 2009

( ) - non serviam - (OUTTA PRINT)

How it is that David Vassalotti can make such amazingly cohesive yet ridiculously bipolar tracks I have yet to understand, but here's another lesson I can study. Five tracks, including a Leonard Cohen cover, that range from thrashing like a shark to drunken ballad to repentance. I found feelings I didn't know I had. This tape induces mood swings and I urge you to go with them.

97 copies, pro imprinted and duplicated. Artwork by ( ).

Spare Death Icon - Highlander Seahorse (OUTTA PRINT)

Like watching a rapid series of experiments take place, this album comes right from the lab. There are strange machines tuned to underground algorithms, the search is underway and the readings are off the charts. The space of this tape is decidedly closed in, dense and dank, but an occasional flashlight beam cuts through the winding tunnels. At first I thought he was looking for something sinister, but eventually began to realize he was looking for me.

UPDATE: foxy digitalis is "loving" this tape! See the full review here.

45 copies. Artwork by Spare Death Icon.