Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Black Eagle Child - Black Lodge White Lodge (OUTTA PRINT)

Although entropy is my favorite physical concept, propulsion is a close second. It's not so much the lack of gravity that attracts me to space--it's the lack of friction. The closest approximation would be in the doldrums, the land underneath where all the air currents meet. There it's completely calm on the ground while above you is the collision of every breeze, gust, and torrent in the world.

UPDATE: BEC receives a 9/10 from foxy digitalis!

Art by Sir Salamander; 48 copies.


Split: (a) Excavacations / (b) Nick Stone & Clovis Heald (OUTTA PRINT)

I've never been in a long distance relationship, but this might be close enough. Resonance from either side of this tape might be responsible for blurring Hubble photographs in the future. There is a sort of pursuit in this split, echolocation, steadiness. Buy two copies in case one evaporates.

Art by Jeremy Burg; 63 copies